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I Seem To Have Misplaced My Passion.

When I was in first grade I wanted to be a fire fighter. In second grade I wanted to be a marine biologist. By the time I reached middle and high school I wanted to be a broadcast journalist, TRL host or 106 & Park host. Fast forward to today, if you asked me what I want to be I’d respond “Successful” *cue Trey Songz ft. Drake*.

It seems like when you enter college you’re forced to decide what you want to be and after you do there’s no turning back. Unless you want to spend 8 years in school with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, if you’re on Financial Aid like the majority of college students.

More recently, however, I’ve found myself working with little passion.  I wake up and hit the snooze button to put off sitting in traffic to sit at a desk for nine hours, but I do because I need that pay check. I want a job where I choose what time I show up. I want to work on projects that make my heart beat faster than usual. I want a job where I choose the temperature in the room, the chair I sit on, and the music I blast. And most importantly, I want a job where I feel fulfilled because I feel like I made the world a better place. Did 6 Inch by Beyonce just start playing in your head too? I know this is what we all want, but my point today is why can’t we have it?

We deserve to maintain the same optimism towards the work force that we did when we were kids. More simply put, we deserve our dream jobs and we deserve it now. Although I’m not 100% sure what my dream job entails, I do know I have several passions and the opportunity is out there. Here’s how to do it (or at least what’s worked so far):

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1. Discover your passion.

The most successful people love what they do and are good at what they do because they are passionate. If you don’t know what your passion is try making a list of things you enjoy and things you’re good at.  These can be a combination of things others tell you you’re good at and your personal opinion. Once you’ve done this ask yourself how these things relate.

When I made my list, I wrote down Media, Art/Graphic Design/Music, Asking Questions, and Story Telling. I concluded that all of these things fell under the umbrella of  a lifestyle blog. If your list doesn’t immediately resonate, let it simmer for a while until you can link how they’re all connected. Also, if you really love something don’t scratch it off your list because it doesn’t match the others. Everyone has their unique passions for a reason.

2. Study individuals who are doing what you want to do.

 Find people who are doing what you want and follow them. I personally have found several individuals with blogs I enjoy and then took to Instagram and LinkedIn to creep.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest

3. Stay motivated. 

It’s very easy to talk yourself out of your dreams, but DON’T! Read a book or listen to a podcast that will keep you going when you convince yourself that your goals are too far-fetched. I’m currently reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and so far it’s helped me to realize that I truly do have a divine destiny that will unfold if I allow it.  I also listen to The Joel Osteen Podcast to give me a little pep talk before taking on new projects.

If you have a personal cheerleader in your life tell them about your plans. Not only will they keep you motivated but by telling someone what you plan to do, you’re holding yourself accountable for achieving your goals.

4. Speaking of goals, write them down. Studies have shown that when you are able to visualize a goal, you are more likely to attain it.  So break out those dream boards and get to dreamin’! Make sure it’s in a place that you will see daily. Hang your dream board in your room, make it your phone background, or your screensaver on your computer.


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Also, simply write out your goals. Be specific and make them measurable. For example, I made a goal at the beginning of the summer to pay off my credit card by December 2016 by paying $100 each month. It’s October 2016, and that goal has already been reached! See, it works.

5. Get inspired. If you have no idea what you want to do or what your passion is, don’t sweat it. Be open to signs of what you’re meant to do. Have you always enjoyed cooking and love going to new restaurants? Perhaps there’s an underlying passion there. Or maybe you’ve always enjoyed kids but you went to school for engineering and dread your job. It may be time for some adjustments.

Take a walk with your favorite playlist on and do some soul searching.

Regardless of where you stand in your dream job hunt/ passion discovery just remember “…when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”-Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist.


  1. This was an excellent article. It resonated with me a lot because I am going after my dreams and passions. I’m glad you shared this very inspring!


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