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5 Quarter-life Crisis Cures

The quarter-life crisis. It looks like binge-watching Love & Hip-Hop while reevaluating your decision to go to college as you sip sparkling wine because you’re not on champagne level yet. I feel you sisters (and brothers). Here are a few tips to take you from throwing yourself a pity party at 25 to poppin’ bottles by 26.

Do exactly what YOU want to do. Who wants to look back later in life and say “I wish I would’ve done this or that?” The best way to overcome the stress of adulthood is to stop listening to your friends, significant other, parents, etc. and finally accomplish those goals that run through your mind when you sit at your job all day achieving someone else’s dream.

giphy1Do something you said you’d never do. We’re not talking anything crazy here. But, if you’ve always said you would never go to a strip club or run a marathon, give it a try. We can tend to be judgmental or afraid of things that we are unfamiliar with. Trying something you’ve always been against will give you some perspective and expand your outlook.

Get reacquainted with the old you. A lot of us change following high school and college, which is a good thing. However, when you find yourself in a rut, think about what you used to do as a kid that motivated you. If you loved drawing or enjoyed playing outside, taking an art class or joining an adult kick-ball league is a great way to tap into a simple joy that’s probably become foreign in your old age.

Get help. Whether you feel overwhelmed about getting older and having more responsibilities or you’re successfully managing adulthood, it never hurts to go to therapy. Before you get married or have kids, talking to a therapist can be helpful towards figuring out who you are before you become someone’s spouse or parent.


Sit back and enjoy the ride. You can’t slow down the biological clock so you might as well embrace it! Getting older is a blessing that too many people don’t receive, so embrace the fact that you’re privileged enough to grow.


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