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My Top 3 Sleep Aids

I’ve never been a heavy sleeper. In fact, just for me to fall asleep I need to complete my extensive night routine and pop in my ear plugs in hopes that maybe, just maybe, I’ll have a good nights rest. Whenever I feel myself especially restless, I have to break out my go-to sleep aids because I can’t afford to operate off a few hours of sleep like I did in my youth. Since being exhausted is no fun, I decided to share my favorite things that help me get right to bed.

  1. Simple Habit. Any time my mind is wondering with thoughts about a work meeting and wedding plans, I reach for my headphones and go to the Simple Habit app. The meditation app that I’ve been using for over a year was my first introduction to meditation, something that I never pictured myself doing. The guided meditations are easier for beginners and customized to whatever situation you’re in, be it a stressful day at the office, increased anxiety or needing to take a peaceful walk. The five minute “Restless” meditation starts by having you acknowledge each part of the body and allowing each limb to relax one at a time until you slowly drift to sleep. It does the trick every time.
  2. Lavender oil. If I really want to knock out and get some serious deep sleep, I turn on my oil diffuser while doing a meditation. Oil diffusers are super popular and you can find them just about anywhere for an affordable price. I purchased mine at T.J. Maxx and it came with a little starter kit with peppermint and lavender oil. Solely running your oil diffuser 30 minutes before bed will easily send you to sleep. If you don’t have an oil diffuser, you can get a small piece of a paper towel, dab several drops onto the piece and tape it to your fan so it’s blowing the lavender in your direction.
  3. Yoga. The first time I ever tried yoga I slept the best I had ever slept in my adult life. I slept like how you sleep as a kid after you have a hard cry as a result of getting in trouble. There’s nothing like it. Since most of us don’t have a yoga studio in our homes, bring the studio to you and try this routine that you can do right from your bed.

Sweet dreams!


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