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My Favorite Online Stores

With my wedding coming up next year, I’ve cut WAY back on shopping. Meaning, I only go shopping about once a month instead of every other week as I did in the past. Since my budget is pretty strict, I’ve found workarounds that allow for me to indulge in yet another one of my guilty pleasures.

Why I’m Not Judging My Unfinished Picture

Insecurity is something I’d like to say we all deal with. If you disagree, I’m calling you on your lie. Recently, I’ve been feeling increasingly insecure. It could be the new job. Since starting five months ago every now and then I feel when I take one step forward, gaining my footing, I take two steps back. Kind of like a humbling tango. Or, this decline in confidence could also be due to my upcoming wedding and the panic I endure every few weeks about the fact that someone has chosen ME to be with them for the rest of their life. I’ll lay in bed thinking “Me? Is he sure he wants to be with this forever?” or “It’s only a matter of time before my flaws start wearing at him and he’s sick of me.” I beat myself up for even thinking these self-doubts. Then, I beat myself up even more for being insecure, especially when I scroll through my Instagram timeline and see other women living their best life via swimsuit photos …

The Joey Bada$$ “Land of the Free” video is necessary.

Joey Bada$$ is officially back on the scene, as announced via Twitter earlier this week. With the release of his video for “Land of the Free” which will be the fourth track on the upcoming EP, conscious hip-hop lovers everywhere should be sparking up, increasing chakras, and flocking to Amazon to purchase their Basquiat hoodies. The New York rapper’s new project, titled All Amerikkkan Bada$$, is set to drop April 7 boasting features from the J. Cole, Schoolboy and Styles P. Fans were treated by King Bada$$ himself when he shared the video for “Land of the Free” last week. Not only does the production mirror Joey’s (I’ve decided we’re now on a first name basis) signature smooth instrumentals with some 70s funk undertones, but the lyrics and video are equally impressive. The track was released January 19, fittingly before the 45th Presidential Inauguration of You Know Who. Common themes touching on politics and oppression that listeners have been exposed to from the rapper’s previous projects are present in “Land of the Free.” The hook opens with powerful words, preparing listeners for the …

Monday Blues: Vol. 1

Did you hit the snooze button 2 or more times this Monday morning? Did someone cut you off on your drive into work/class/wherever you go in the mornings? Was there a pile of work awaiting you once you arrived? Perhaps you have a new group project due in two weeks. Whatever the case, Mondays are rough but a good playlist can go a long way. Vol. 1 of my Monday Blues playlist is custom designed by yours truly with you and your Monday in mind. This playlist features chill songs to get your week started off right, vibe out to, and get over the Monday Blues. Turn this playlist on at work (I’m listening to it at my desk now,) when you’re trying to get some creative juices flowing, or when you’re just trying to relax to Smooth Hip & Hop and R&B.