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Dress Shopping Lessons

When I applied for college I only applied to three schools. After visiting several universities, when I toured Howard University I instantly knew I’d be a Bison. I applied to two other colleges as back-up, but at after graduation I went with my first choice. My bridal dress shopping experience was no different.

Romance On A Budget.

For anyone who’s ever been in a relationship in their early 20s, you probably know this struggle. It seems like every other couple is doing dinner and a movie every week while you and your significant other Netflix and chill. I just started my first full time job about six months ago while my boyfriend graduated from Stanford this past June. With both of us saving up for the finer things in life, we’re learning to navigate how to keep our relationship going while maintaining a few zeros in our accounts. Here’s how we’ve done it so far: Be Honest. Initially when my boyfriend graduated, after being long distance for a few months, our instinct was to catch up on missed dinners at places we wanted to try. Which is what we did. However, after about a month, we both realized our excursions were getting a costly. So we were honest with each other. Although honesty should be a staple in relationships, it’s important to let your significant other know what you can and can’t do. Everyone will benefit …

My Top Favorite LA Ice Cream Spots

Up until I became an adult (so about a few months ago) I’ve always said ice cream was my favorite food. The inner child in me still has a soft spot, literally, for ice cream. So it doesn’t hurt that Los Angeles has several amazing ice cream spots that put a twist on the typical  scoop.  Here’s my top 3: 1. Jeni’s in Los Feliz. The mission statement on Jeni’s website reads “We are absolutely devoted to making better ice creams and bringing people together.” That’s pretty much my life motto (sort of.) The first time I went despite being known for lines out the door, it was totally empty and the guy working encouraged me and my friend to try as much as possible while we could. Despite the employees being super friendly, the ice cream is no fuss and the ingredients are premium (they have an Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso flavor.) Also, since the flavors are so good, they don’t force you to choose just one.  Jeni’s offers an option to do two half scoops instead of one. My …