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Originally published on   Picture it: Monday morning. You sit in traffic for 45 minutes just to go 10 miles. You pass your  work place as you head to a parking lot which is 5 blocks south of your office block because the usual lot  is full. As you pull up, you glance at the clock and you are now 3 minutes late; despite waking up early and leaving your house 10 minutes ahead of schedule. As you walk out your heel gets stuck and as you try to save the Jimmy Choo, the heel breaks. On your walk into work, you’re reminded that the country you live in just elected a cartoon character to be its next president (I live in the U.S., if you couldn’t tell). You walk into work, someone looks at you and allows the door to slam in your face. As if that was not enough for one morning,  you get to your desk and your co-worker calls you by the wrong name. Now, as your irritation increases, you …

Monday Blues Vol. 2

So this morning, like most Mondays, was rough. Getting out of bed was the ultimate struggle. Fixing my hair into something presentable was like  war. The drive to work was literally a battlefield. And it’s cold outside. Therefore, the only thing keeping me alive (in addition to coffee) is my “Monday Blues Vol. 2” playlist. Once the first song started playing my soul began to awaken because… well, it’s J.Cole. Song number two is “Late Night” by Gold Link so by this point, I started warming up to being alive for the day. Once I got to “Love$ick” I was kind of feeling this whole overcoming the despair and destruction that is Monday thing. So I was pretty much at my desk like… Needless to say, I’m ready to tackle this week like a boss. Bring it on Monday.   Image Credit:

How I’m Dealing With This Election.

Alcohol. I mean, how could you not. Once I realized Hilary wasn’t going to win last night, I needed something to help me sleep through the night.  A great playlist. On my way into work, as I passed a “F*ck Trump” sign spray painted across Los Angeles City Hall fear set in. My stomach was immediately upset because things are changing and its terrifying. Once I arrived to work, my coworkers looked like zombies. After Hilary’s concession speech, I felt myself tearing up. By the time my coworker started comparing the United States to Germany and Iran I had to draw the line. So I grabbed my iPod and listened to my newest playlist. 3.Talking about it… In moderation. It’s always helpful to talk about things that bother you. But I learned today, that when you talk about a touchy topic too much you start stressing yourself more. I was upset before work, but after my coworker started coming up with all of these “end of the world” scenarios I had to remove myself from the conversation. 4.Positive …

Monday Blues: Vol. 1

Did you hit the snooze button 2 or more times this Monday morning? Did someone cut you off on your drive into work/class/wherever you go in the mornings? Was there a pile of work awaiting you once you arrived? Perhaps you have a new group project due in two weeks. Whatever the case, Mondays are rough but a good playlist can go a long way. Vol. 1 of my Monday Blues playlist is custom designed by yours truly with you and your Monday in mind. This playlist features chill songs to get your week started off right, vibe out to, and get over the Monday Blues. Turn this playlist on at work (I’m listening to it at my desk now,) when you’re trying to get some creative juices flowing, or when you’re just trying to relax to Smooth Hip & Hop and R&B.

I Seem To Have Misplaced My Passion.

When I was in first grade I wanted to be a fire fighter. In second grade I wanted to be a marine biologist. By the time I reached middle and high school I wanted to be a broadcast journalist, TRL host or 106 & Park host. Fast forward to today, if you asked me what I want to be I’d respond “Successful” *cue Trey Songz ft. Drake*. It seems like when you enter college you’re forced to decide what you want to be and after you do there’s no turning back. Unless you want to spend 8 years in school with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, if you’re on Financial Aid like the majority of college students. More recently, however, I’ve found myself working with little passion.  I wake up and hit the snooze button to put off sitting in traffic to sit at a desk for nine hours, but I do because I need that pay check. I want a job where I choose what time I show up. I want to work on projects that make …