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Why I’m Not Judging My Unfinished Picture

Insecurity is something I’d like to say we all deal with. If you disagree, I’m calling you on your lie. Recently, I’ve been feeling increasingly insecure. It could be the new job. Since starting five months ago every now and then I feel when I take one step forward, gaining my footing, I take two steps back. Kind of like a humbling tango. Or, this decline in confidence could also be due to my upcoming wedding and the panic I endure every few weeks about the fact that someone has chosen ME to be with them for the rest of their life. I’ll lay in bed thinking “Me? Is he sure he wants to be with this forever?” or “It’s only a matter of time before my flaws start wearing at him and he’s sick of me.” I beat myself up for even thinking these self-doubts. Then, I beat myself up even more for being insecure, especially when I scroll through my Instagram timeline and see other women living their best life via swimsuit photos …

Why Rejection Should Be Your New Bestie

Rejection is by far one of the worst feelings out there. You apply for your dream job, do your research, network with current employees, and nail the interview. But when you go to open your email, instead of a congratulations email you receive a “we regret to inform you…” message. Cue the rain clouds, gut wrenching, and Mary J. Blige.

How I survived my first nude spa experience

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against being naked.  But, there’s something particularly intimidating about being told to disrobe in front of a room full of women including your two closest friends who’ve never seen you naked. The plan was to go to Wi Spa in LA off of Wilshire and Rampart for a relaxing girls night prior to my best friend’s wedding in two weeks.  We were referred by a friend who was anxious to go but unfortunately had to work the Friday night we made reservations. For anyone in the LA area, I would definitely recommend this place.  Their prices are great and the buff + massage treatment is heavenly.  Michelle has the hands of an angel!  Anyway, after 20 years of friendship, we left our swimsuits in our lockers and bravely entered the shower and tub area. Now on to the next challenge.  Once we jumped this major friendship hurdle I had to come to terms with being naked in front of all these strangers.  As I boldly threw off my robe and headed over to …